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[IP] changing reservoirs

In a message dated 98-05-05 19:53:45 EDT, Sam write:

>  My CDE wants me to change the reservoir each time I change infusion sets. 
> She says that there is more of risk of infection and other site irritation
>  problems if you re-use them. 

Sounds like your CDE has stock in the reservoir company.  I have reused the
syringes at least three times, sometimes 4 times for almost 4 years and have
never had a problem, except one when the o-rings slipped off the plunger.  I
am pretty careful when I reattach the needle to re-fill it - I don't leave the
needles laying around exposed, but don't alcohol wipe them either.  I also
have never used alcohol wipes on the lid of the bottle.

As always of couse, YMMV

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