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Re: [IP] Price of Humalog

The idea of keeping the Humalog in the refrigerator sounds like a good idea.
Are there any negatives to doing this way?

My CDE wants me to change the reservoir each time I change infusion sets. She
says that there is more of risk of infection and other site irritation
if you re-use them. However, I see other people using them for much longer
periods. Has there been any studies on this (especially in reference to the
of Humalog)?


At 05/05/1998 - 02:00 PM Melva Richards wrote:
>I use about 23 units of Humalog a day, keep it in the refrig until I'm
>ready to fill the pump. I don't think I've ever had any go bad, no
>matter how long it's been in the refrig.  I buy 3 bottles at a time, so
>2 of them are unopened for the first month or so.  I never tried using
>insulin past the date on the box, though.  Something else interesting
>that a friend put me on to: when I change the infusion set, I draw the
>unused insulin from the tubing (about 20 units) and whatever else is
>left in the resevoir and reuse it.  I change the resevoir only once a
>month.  Never had a problem; in fact, I think the resevoir would
>probably last even longer.
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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