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RE: [IP] Re: Implantable pump

Michael wrote:

"It's not the weight, it is the size. There just isn't enough room in a
small child for the internal pump, it is kinda big (much bigger than a

More correctly, it is the size *and* the weight of the pump which precludes
its use in children. The following is quoted directly from MiniMed's web

"The MiniMed 2001 Implantable Insulin Pump has only been tested in adults.
The youngest European patient was 17 years old. Due to the size of the pump
(approximately 3 inches wide and 0.8 inches thick) and its weight when
filled with insulin, it would be difficult for a small child to support.
Because of the size constraints, MiniMed cannot recommend implantation of
the pump in children."

In addition, I have a message from one of the pump testers who states the
following re: location of the pump:

"The pump is placed between your skin and muscle wall, and a small incision
is placed in the muscle for the tube.  The surgery is simple and you only
have to be there for a day or two."
I was a little confused by his description, because I had always pictured it
in the "peritoneal cavity", but I guess this makes sense. It can't just flop
around in there ;-)
The reason I was wondering about use of the pump in conjunction with other
internal devices like a pacemaker, is the electronic circuitry in each. I
know the internal pump uses what MiniMed describes as "unique code
sequencing" so it doesn't pick up erroneous signals from your garage door
opener, or your television remote control, for example ;-) Just kidding -
hope the engineers out there don't pick on me ;-)) I'm not sure if there are
constraints as far as other electro mechanical devices being within a
certain distance of it.

Bob Burnett

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