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Re: [IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?

You make excellent points to which I agree with all of them.  While a
participant in the DCCT, they put us into Type A and Type B groups within
groups.  This isn't to be confused with Type 1 or II diabetes, but it was by
measurement of the poly-C-peptide enzyme.  This tells you how much insulin
your pancreas still produces.  Many Type 1 diabetics to produce some residual
insulin, albeit in small amounts.  The results for me were miniscule.  That is
why they believe I had so much trouble with extremely fast approaching DKA.
Luck of the draw, as it were.  That's the reason they really were glad I was
in the control group instead of the intensive therapy group.  After the study
was discontinued they advised me against the pump because of my sensitivity to
regular insulin and my problems with ketones.  Well, as I've said before, now
they won't even talk to me if I even consider discontinuing the pump.  Every
month brings on a better A1C reading.  You fellows (like Sara and Bob) who
have said things to me in the past don't realize how much you have helped me.
I'm tougher and smarter thanks to all of you.  This is truly a great group.  I
sure would like to plan a mid-country get-together, perhaps one that coincides
with the Diabetes Symposium.  I'm a heck of a fund-raiser and I do have part
ownership in a travel agency.  I would really love to meet some of you head-
on...LOL...Sorry so long.
Judy P.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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