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Re: [IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?

I wouldn't consider discouraging you from placing your child on the pump.  It
will be a wonderful, freeing, life-saving experience.  I do want to let you
know that DKA can come on within hours.  I almost died in a matter of 3 hrs.
It took one week of insulin IV to begin to get me under control. It's what
leads to DKA. In my case, one of the times was due to a bladder infection
along with the start of my menses and a sinus infection.  These three things
overwhelmed me and got the best of me.  In 1/2 hr I became visibly weaker.  In
one hour and was in the ER battling for my life.  This isn't an exaggeration.
Some people, for reasons unknown to me, never spill ketones.  I am very
ketosis prone.  Since the pump (10 mos), I haven't spilled even mild ketones!
I can assure you, warnings of quick onset of DKA must be clearly understood
and believed.  It happened to me 3 times.  Good luck.  There are risks in
everything.  When using the pump, one tends to monitor their BS better, at
least I do.  If your child starts on the pump, you will just make sure BS are
taken as frequently as necessary and don't ignore any symtoms of
hyperglycemia.  Always check.  If it were my child, I'd put them on the pump!
Judy P.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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