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Re: [IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?

For some reason they are
>really stuck on this age 12 and up stuff, which I can understand would
>be helpful for them to be older, but I still think as parents you would
>just be more involved with the day to day management until they are able
>to do it on their own.

Hi Kim -
Steph's trainer made her understand (before she got her pump) that any time
she got up to pee in the middle of the night that she should check her bs,
whether or not she decided to get a pump...apparently its a great "trigger"
for catching mistakes (forgotten shot or bolus) and isn't limited to just
pumpers! I'll admit to being a little nervous at first, especially at night,
but it's really been worth the anxiety...which almost gone now anyway!

As for being more involved...YEP! Steph had been doing exchanges for four
years, and we are both still working on counting all carbos. But in just a
few short weeks, she's learned tons (and got very aggravated at the lady at
school who made her call yesterday to get permission to give herself a 1
unit bolus...her bs was 203...Steph wants them to just leave her alone, but
the ladies are still just a little nervous...If that's the worst we ever
experience, life's pretty good!)


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