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Re: [IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?

DKA in nothing flat is overated. First you must get HIGH then 
DEHYDRATED.  To get dehydrated, you have to pee. Then...the first 
clue is that you must get up in the night to pee. A child (or 
adult) that is diabetic and gets up in the night to pee SHOULD ALWAYS 
TEST. That will invariably solve the DKA problem. You have to pee 
long before DKA sets in unless you go to bed already high and/or 
dehydrated (a no-no) <-- this is an automatic 2AM check.

Just my 2 cents worth from experience with Lily.

See below for ages of kids on the list.

> For some reason they are
> really stuck on this age 12 and up stuff, which I can understand would
> be helpful for them to be older, but I still think as parents you would
> just be more involved with the day to day management until they are able
> to do it on their own.

Currently on the list we have these kid pumpers (there are more, I 
just don't know all their names and ages)

2 Hannah
17 (started at 3) Ellissa
4 1/2 Drew
5 Kayla
6 Julia's son
6 Megan
10 Zach (started 7.5)
9 Stephanie #2
13 1/2 ( started at 10) Darren
10 Ravi
14 (started at 11) Lily
15 (started at 13) Melissa
13 Chelsey 
16 (started 14) Stephanie #1
14 Jason
15 Brian
16 Bryan

In addition, there are quite a few kids age 7 - 10 waiting for pumps 
in the next month or two.
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