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[IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?

Yesterday I was on the phone with our CDE making insulin adjustments and
wanted to remind her that at our next visit I wanted to discuss the pump
for Stephanie (she's 9 yrs. old).  Even though they have some kids on
pumps, they are all over age 12, and I could tell she was trying to
discourage us from considering it right now.  She talked about how fast
you can go into DKA on the pump, and said that it does happen, even with
those who are meticulous (I think that statement was for our benefit, as
she knows how meticulous I am).  I would like to know just how fast this
can actually happen.  For instance, let's say she goes to bed and
somehow the infusion set comes out.  Between night and morning, how high
could her blood sugar rise w/out insulin for that period of time?  She
also mentioned some other things to discourage me, but this was one
subject I didn't know how to fight back on.   For some reason they are
really stuck on this age 12 and up stuff, which I can understand would
be helpful for them to be older, but I still think as parents you would
just be more involved with the day to day management until they are able
to do it on their own.

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