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[IP] Humalog mixing

> Gee..and here I thought everyone was pumping so brilliantly that there was no
> need for postings!!! LOL....However, just for the record, Melissa tried
> Humalog for the 4th time in her pump & for reasons unknown, it's working
> fine!!! Go figure!
Based on Lily's experience, it is non-trivial to get H to work for 
some of us.  It is clear that some fiddiling is necessary.  Lily's 
sites are suspect on day 4 but are ok for the first 3 days with a 5/1 
mix.  I suspect that a 4/1 or 3/1 mix may make the sites more stable, 
however, Lily tried 4/1 for a week and didn't like the control as 
well. She would prefer to change her sets every 3 days instead of use 
more R (V actually) in the mix.

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