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Re: [IP] Choose by color?


If a person chooses a pump because of color there isn't anything wrong with
that.  As long as you are getting a pump what does it matter?  I have heard so
much about how great this water proof Disetronic is and my CDE has patients
that have fried their pump when it was accidently dropped in water, without
that so called red plug.  I know of a guy that had to go back on injections
while waiting for Disetronic to mail him more batteries.  I can go buy
batteries for my 507 at the local Target / Walmart store.  Also the MiniMed
pump doesn't have a battery "door."  Also, why is it that Disetronic gives you
a "backup" pump.  Are they telling us their pump has a good chance of failure?
Seems funny to me.  I'm sure we have all heard horror stories about MiniMed
and Disetronic.  I know I have heard some whoppers.   Whatever pump you choose
be grateful.  There are so many diabetics out there that would love a pump and
can't afford one.  

Keep Pumping,
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