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Re: Re[IP] Price of Humalog(ONLY GOOD FOR A MONTH?)

I use between 18 & 40 units of insulin/day and 1/4 of that is not humalog so my bottles last a long time.  I haven't had one go bad that's been in the fridge yet ( 6 months).  I have had trouble with insulin in the tubing site after 4 days.  I worried at first about the 30 day thing but see no evidence of it.  The nice thing about humalog is it only takes a few hours to figure out that it doesn't work.  I'm still very unsure about carrying it around though to change infusion sets (I'm sometimes in Santa Rosa -- 75 miles from home for 14 hour work days and my car which has no AC gets hot!).

Try it and see!


Ted and Marilyn wrote:


Kaseyfs wrote:

I agree about the price of Humalog being too high.  I an curious about one
thing and hope to get more data from this great group.  How many of you DO NOT
use a full bottle of insulin (any kind) within a 30 day time period?  I know,
I know, some people use the same bottle for several months with no problem.
However, Lily's stand is "Humalog stays good for 28 days regardless of
refrigeration".  We don't even go through 1/3 of a bottle in a month!!!  And
yet you can't get insulin in smaller doses.

Just wondering how many others are throwing out half-filled bottles of

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Are you saying we should throw away Humalog after a month if not finished with it?  Do Humalog and Reg need to be refrigerated as much as NPH since they are clear?  I'm Wondering about the summer if they need to be kept in a cool pack if left in the car for the day?