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Re: [IP] Millenium bug

John Neale wrote:
> Does anyone here have any authoritative information about pumps and the
> millenium bug? ie Will any pump models stop working at midnight on 31
> December 1999 because they only handle the last 2 digits of the year?

Why wouldn't they work?

> It's a nasty thought. There could be a lot of DKA on New Years Day.
> My Minimed507 doesn't hold the date, just the day of the week, so
> presumably this isn't an issue. But I know nothing about the Disetronic.
> Do any of the older models hold the full date?

I doubt it very highly, there's no reason at all to put it in there.
The thing about turning the clocks to 2000 is based on financial considerations, 
such as interest rates and how long ago they date from so your bank can
figure out your balance. Nowhere have I seen anything saying ANY machine 
will stop working from it, it's what it figures that's the problem.
> My GP and some colleagues are publishing a book on medical equipment and
> the millenium bug. He had heard a rumour that some infusion pumps do
> fail at the turn of the century.

As above, I think he's getting strange and silly information from somewhere!
> And then of course there are the blood glucose meters that hold the
> date.

Yes, but what's the effect on the machine's operation? 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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