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[IP] New Mail LISTS

Ok, Pumpers and friends,

I have added two brand new list groups.
First, IP member Erik Wold has volunteered to administer a 
Scandinavian language list. There are 1500 or so pumpers in that part 
of the world and HALF are estimated to have internet access. The 
Disetronic rep in Norway asked Erik to do this and has said his 
company will do a mailing to their clients there. Hopefully this will 
help to spread the word in Europe.

How about some other languages French, German, Japanese.....
Anyone who would like to volunteer, let me know.

************* Next,  BIG NEWS ***************

 Now is your chance to help spread the word.

Insulin Pumpers has added a Medical Profesionals mail list.

The purpose of this list is to help educate the docs and other 
med-pros about the pump. The objective is to get EVERY
Doctor, CDE, RN, pump trainer, etc... who knows anything about the 
pump and it's use to join this list so any other med-pro who doesn't 
know very much or has a problem, has a place to go and ask 
questions, get more information, assistance with treatment plans, 
etc... A place to find the VOICE of EXPERIENCE.

What can you do??

Contact your DOCTOR, CDE, Pump Trainer, etc.... and get them to join

email @ redacted

by going to our website at

click on the BIG mail box for mail lists and join the list.

DO IT TODAY and hassle them until they join.

Forward this message to your local MiniMed rep or Disetronic rep.

Let's get more folks pumping.

email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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