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[IP] Choose by color?

WM wrote 'I picked Minimed for the blue color.

Choosing a pump because of the color??? I Chose the Disetronic because it
seems to be of a more durable and rugged design (I did not like the battery
door on the Minimed), plus the Disetronic is water proof!!! (the Minimed I
believe is just resistant).All you have to do is put the cap on top of the
cartridge cap to plug the two pressure equalization holes. I went Snorkling in
the Carribean for 3 hours straight with my pump. And even if you forget to put
the cap on, or lose it the worst that might happen is water would possibly mix
in with the insulin, it still won't get inside the pump unless you have one or
both of the batteries missing.
And to answer WM's question, yes the Disetronic has an audio bolus, it beeps
each time you push the button, then it repeats the beeps back before it
delivers so you can count them again and double check yourself.
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