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Re: [IP] re Kerry

Brian Spitler wrote:

> Michael
>  With regards to the glucose tabs, they are INEFFECTIVE on Kerry when she
> goes hypo.  It does not help that she suffers from hypoglycemia unaware.
> This make the tabs and even the gel not work on the low.  We have tried the
> tabs by the tubes when her bs has gotten low.  They only have any effect on
> her if she notices that her bs is dropping, but not if her bs has gone below
> 70!  As for the cans of coke, they work quickly on her lows even if she is
> in the 40's.
Brian, you clearly know what you are doing. I don't deny that. But that
is one of the strangest things I have read on this list in a long time.

Two large spoonfuls of glucose powder, dissolved in a small cup of
water, goes very rapidly into the blood stream. The glucose doesn't
require digesting and doesn't even have to pass through the stomach and
into the gut. It just passes through the mucus membrane in your mouth,
throat and oesophagus. Obviously it has to be dissolved in water. Dry
glucose tablets won't work until the saliva has dissolved them. In fact
"over-treating" a hypo with too much glucose is a mistake I can often

Coke is a solution of sucrose and fructose, both of which must be
"converted" into glucose before they can work. If this really does work
faster than a glucose solution, I'd love to know what is happening. Does
the CO2 do something unusual?

I suppose it's possible that if her liver has some malfunction in the
processing of glucose and glycogen, that may explain why she is prone to
so many bad hypos. But it would be odd if the chemistry of her body had
fundamentally changed. If Coke works best, then use Coke, but it seems
slightly freekish that it's better than a pure glucose solution.

Just my opinion and I'm just another person with diabetes ;-)


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