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RE: [IP] Millenium bug


I've seen this issue discussed on other lists before. The general consensus
is that pumpers don't need to worry about the "Year 2000 issue". My
understanding is that there is no embedded logic in the pumps which rely on
date or century info. My pump (Disetronic H-TRONPlus V100) doesn't even care
what day of the week it is ;-).

Probably more important to us is how our insurance companies are handling
this problem. I know that I plan on stocking up on supplies well in advance
of the millenium ;-)

As far as my blood glucose monitor - if it's clock turns back to 1900 at the
turn of the century, I won't be diabetic yet (diagnosed in 1956 or 57), so
none of this will matter. Oreos and ice cream for me at the stroke of
midnight. Ooooh weee I can't wait ;-)

Bob Burnett

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Does anyone here have any authoritative information about pumps and the
millenium bug? ie Will any pump models stop working at midnight on 31
December 1999 because they only handle the last 2 digits of the year?
It's a nasty thought. There could be a lot of DKA on New Years Day.

My Minimed507 doesn't hold the date, just the day of the week, so
presumably this isn't an issue. But I know nothing about the Disetronic.
Do any of the older models hold the full date?

My GP and some colleagues are publishing a book on medical equipment and
the millenium bug. He had heard a rumour that some infusion pumps do
fail at the turn of the century.

And then of course there are the blood glucose meters that hold the


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