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RE: [IP] Pancreas Transplants: Why PT(only)?

I'M waiting for my pancreas now. Had the kidney almost a year and a half
ago. The way I understand it, don't quote me here. The anti-rej drugs are
pretty rough on your system. The drug side effects don't out way the current
treatment for diabetes.
 Most kidney tran. are eventually life or death either sooner or near
future. Someone told me diabetics don't handle dialysis very well. Another
problem is organ donor awareness. The kidney can be donated from a live
donor(in my case my little sister). A pancreas unfortunately can't come from
a live donor. Also the pancreas is usually not usable. Any body interested
can find great info at: http://www.insulin-free.org/
I hope this made some sense. One of those bad drug days. I'd be glad to
answer question or whatever (if I can).
Barry Bruce
email @ redacted
icq# 10047360

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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