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[IP] Square wave bolus

Darla, for what it is worth, I was initially also impressed with the square
wave bolus option.  HOwever in practise, I haven't found this very useful.
The sales pitch says it may be useful at long banquets, etc., but unless
you know just what you will be eating in an hour or two, it is dangerous to
bolus that far in advance.  Probably of more relevance is that for Regular
only half the insulin gets into the blood after about 2 1/2 hours, and for
Humalog, only half gets in about an hour.  So even with a bolus, you'll
still be getting insulin for over two hours with Humalog.  Thus, ever bolus
is really kind of like what a square wave does.  I think the square wave
just extends out the insulin duration way too long for most people.  It may
have some use is your digestion is pathologically slow.   What I really
like about the Minimed is the "audio bolus."  With a few pushes of buttons,
I can easily bolus each time I eat something that needs insulin.  Much
better and more useful than the square wave feature.  Don't know if
Disetronic has a similar feature.  ( I picked Minimed for the blue color.

<<<<From: "Darla Morton" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] forwarded message from Kelly Shaughnessy

Hi Kelly,
I thought I would give you some really quick feedback as to why I choose the
MiniMed over Disetronic.  I don't know how old you are but I am 22 yrs. Old.
For me the MiniMed was a lot better looking.  I thought the other was not as
nice as the minimed.  Also it does not look complicated compared to the
Disetronic.  It has the advantage of the square wave bolus.  I have not
started using my pump yet.  I will in the next couple of days.  So since I
have not started using it I can't say too much on it.  It is a major
personal preference.  Read all the pamphlets over and watch each of their
videos.  They both have a web site if you did not know.  Good luck.

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