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Re: [IP] humalog and velosulin

Way back in the middle of March, Michael wrote the following:

<< I would guess that a mix or 3/1 or 4/1 is closer to optimum, it 
 retains the initial quick response of the H but still covers the 4+ 
 hour digestion period for most foods and complex sugars.
 Anyone care to add their thoughts to this ??

OK, I've been pumping a mix of 3 parts Humalog to 1 part Velosulin for just
over a week now.  The results are tremendous!  I administer my bolus just
before eating.  My blood sugar curve has stayed FLAT for the most part, only a
slight rise after a meal which quickly levels back to pre-meal levels and
stays there!!  Much better than the post-meal lows I used to get while on
straight Humalog. And better for me to be able to bolus right before a meal,
which I couldn't do on Velosulin.  I feel terrific, with lots of energy.  My
insertion sites have been fine.  I left one canula in from Sunday evening to
Friday morning with no problems.  I think it could have lasted longer but I
was feeling guilty about not changing it.

Thanks to Michael for suggesting this, and to everyone else who tried it and
posted their positive results.  I printed out a couple of postings from list
members on this topic and showed them to my endo.  I think those, along with
my persistence in bringing the topic up, are what pushed him over the edge and
he gave me the OK to try it.  He wants me to keep him updated via email (YES!
-- it's better than a phone call) on how it's going.  Perhaps this info will
eventually be passed on to some of his other patients.  I feel more like a
pioneer than a guinea pig. :-)

Mary Jean
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