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[IP] Fluorescene Angiogram

 Marilyn Asked:

" Lastly, does anyone know of  a special EYE test that takes a photograph of
the eye called FLORENSINE  ANGIOGRAM?  Is this a good idea for all diabetics
to routinely have?  If anyone has taken this test please tell me about it.

Dear Marilyn,

The angiogram is routinely done to take a true photograph of the eye's retina and blood vessels. A dye is injected into your veins and a series of photographs are taken as it progresses through the vessels in your eyes.  Fascinating photos to see.  All with Diabetes in Australia have this test done and depending on the outcome it will be redone on a regular or irregular basis.  I had considerable laser work on my eyes some years ago and so I have an annual test.

It is not painful although some feel a little nauseous for a few seconds when injected.  There are several "brands" of dye used and your specialist can choose a different one if the nausea happens.  Because the dye injected is highly coloured and it is ( as it moves around the body and into the vessels close to the surface of your skin) you tend to look yellow.  Drink lots of water, go to the loo a lot and eventually you will look normal.  My advice is dont wear a orange dress like I did the first time - I looked like the yellow brick road!!!!!!

Jennifer from DownUnder

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