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Ted and Marilyn wrote:

>   Dear Amil,
> Your story was very moving.  How could you of had problems before if you
> watched what you ate?. I only have problems when I eat too much cake or
> carbohydrates.  I am having a hard time deciding if I should get onto the
> pump since I've spoken to some people on it who say it hasn't kept their
> sugar levels down.  My A1C's are great yet I do have some very high highs
> and weekly lows.
> I thought having the pump would always remind me about my diabetes.  Doesn't
> insulin get too warm not being refrigerated in the pump in the summer?
> Lastly, does anyone know of  a special EYE test that takes a photograph of
> the eye called FLORENSINE  ANGIOGRAM?  Is this a good idea for all diabetics
> to routinely have?  If anyone has taken this test please tell me about it.
> Marilyn

I did watch what I ate, but I could never find the right insulin
dosage/combination that would let me keep my BG's stable. Most of my
problems came from the nature of my diabetes, which I did not mention.
As I entered puberty, my body started a monumental change in biochemical
production; instead of insulin, my pancreas was putting out something
equivalent to adrenaline, resulting in HIGHER BG's, not lower, as
insulin provides. 

My doctor had to send me to the Bethesda Naval Medical Center, (one of
the country's top military hospitals; it is where they give the
Presidents their medical checkups) in an effort to figure WHY someone
with no family history of diabetes(at the time; my Mom's sister and one
of my Dad's brothers developed it a few years ago), who took good care
of themselves, etc., would debelop it. The findings indicated that I
have a genetic situation, unique to me, that caused the biochemical
changes upon the onset of puberty. It was written up in the military
medical journals somewhere around 1974.



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