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Re: [IP] Complete

Randall and any others who may be interested...i am in the complete study
for patient satisfaction...i was thinking it might get to the right
person or at least someone who cares what we as the consumers think...if
i could reprint this and if anyone else had their 2 cents worth they
could email me their thoughts and i would pass them along...i think when
we talk to the cust0mer service we may not be getting our message thru to
the top of the food chain...i have to tread very carefully here since my
hunny is a customer rep and like drs and nurses ...not all customer reps
are equal.......i really like the complete and feel it by itself is at
least as good as the profile but when you add the software to the profile
it leaves the complete in the dust....ps...if you would not mind putting
your email address...snail mail address ...and/or phone number that may
be helpful to  them also....who knows maybe we can make a change??
michelle...you can email me privately at email @ redacted
On Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:34:44 +0000 "Randall Winchester"
<email @ redacted> writes:
>On 28 Apr 98 at 20:57, LBE FSD wrote:
>> I've decided to give up on the Complete.  It is too much of a pain 
>to do the
>> manual downloads.  A bigger problem is the fact that I don't 
>> myself to record it twice (once on the meter and once in my 
>logbook), don't
>> do the manual downlaoads more than once every week (or two), and 
>have never
>> liked using the memory feature of meters to go over data in order to 
>> decisions.  I had a long conversation with my buddy at BM/Roche 
>today and
>> expressed my frustration about not getting the software that he had 
>> me I could get.  I'm still not certain that the refusal wasn't 
>engineered by
>> someone at the clinic, but that's probably paranoid.  He also said 
>that they
>> would be charging ~$60 for it.  I explained that I had been assured 
>> Camit would work with the Complete when I bought Camit, and that the 
>> also makes that comment.  He said that he couldn't make the 
>decision.  I'm
>> hoping that they return to their usual etiquette by the time it is 
>> to the "public".  I also keep asking who is buying all of these 
>strips -- me
>> or the medical professionals?  Oh well.
>> Take care,
>> Lori
>Kind of shows the attitude of BM/Roche, doesn't it... Hmmm... the rep 
>that I dealt with had the line about "do it our way..."  which as I 
>was emphatically told was  - Doctor buys the package from BM/Roche, 
>configures your meter the way that Dr. Death wants, tells you that if 
>your are a "good little diabetic" you can have the toy.  Then when 
>you go in to see the Dr.  and Nurse Ratchet uploads your meter 
>to their software they set up the torture session if you've been 
>a "bad little non-compliant diabetic"...  so much for their ads in 
>Forcast etc.    You do it their way or else... and the way the meter 
>is configured out of the box it doesn't match the instruction manual, 
>and the software isn't available..  I wonder what all the people who 
>are buying these things at Wal-Mart are doing with them?
>Maybe we all need to call them and tell them we are taking our 
>business elsewhere... and sharing our reasons with the world too... 
>and also inform MiniMed since they partnered with Roche on the 
>Complete...  It is less functional than the Profile for most 
>purposes, especially since the software and cable aren't available.

>Randall Winchester

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