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Re: [IP] mary tyler moore(long - as always)

   Yes, I too saw that photo & nearly choked! Mary Tyler Moore IS very
involved with JDF, serving as the National Chairperson & her beloved husband,
Dr. Robert Levine, 
whom I believe she met when he was a family member's cardiologist, is also
very involved, serving as the govt. relations liaison.
   Last August, Melissa, my husband(who's a board member of the Phila. JDF
chapter) and I were fortunate to be invited to Washington D.C. to witness
Pres. Clinton's signing of the multi-million dollar Diabetes Initiative bill
at Georgetown University. We were 6 rows from the stage, close enough to see
the President AND Mary Tyler Moore, who looked beautiful...
    BUT, the real highlight came when we were outside, leaving Georgetown &
who should come up behind us but MTM & her hubby.  I couldn't resist (although
Melissa was moritified, being 14 then) & turned to introduce us, Melissa, tell
MTM about the pump & thank her for all she does for JDF.  She couldn't have
been more gracious, telling Melissa how wonderful it was that she was taking
such good care of herself & relating how the pains in her legs from neuropathy
can awaken her at night & how she hopes Melissa never has to experience that.
When the JDF photographer happened by & said "Mary, how about a photo", we
started to step aside, but she said "no, all of us, placing her arm around
ME!!!"  Forget seeing the President!! I stood next to MTM & have the photo on
our coffee table to prove it!!! LOL...Mary, Melissa, my husband Mel and our
local JDF president Marc Blatstein (I'm lucky they let me in the picture since
my name DIDN'T start with an "M")....AWESOME moment..
    As to her "up close & personal" appearance: she looked extremely FRAIL,
thin, heavily made-up & was obviously being "watched over" by her devoted
husband, particularly with regard to things like stepping off a curb,
indicating eyesight problems.  Nonetheless, she still looks better than I do
in the photo!!!
    Mel and I will be attending the JDF Int'l annual conference in Washington
June 3rd-6th and I'm assuming she will be in attendance.  We  will also be
hearing the latest in research & meeting with politicians, so I should have
more interesting things to report back than just MTM's appearance.
    Lastly, coming on the heels of the media's feeding frenzy over Linda
McCartney's death from breast cancer, I publicly decry the obsession with
showing celebrities at their worst.....

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom who can be oh-so-embarrassing)
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