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Re: [IP] re Kerry


 With regards to the glucose tabs, they are INEFFECTIVE on Kerry when she
goes hypo.  It does not help that she suffers from hypoglycemia unaware.
This make the tabs and even the gel not work on the low.  We have tried the
tabs by the tubes when her bs has gotten low.  They only have any effect on
her if she notices that her bs is dropping, but not if her bs has gone below
70!  As for the cans of coke, they work quickly on her lows even if she is
in the 40's.


In regards to her meal, Kerry's dietician has recommended her to eat bread
products to help boost her bs when she is dropping.  This is because of the
carbos in the bread.  The same with the crackers.  Kerry occasionally has
faster results in raising her bs when she eats cheddar cheese on the
crackers.  Don't ask me how or why it works, but sometimes it does work.

PS  When we do have to call of the paramedics (to which we know some by
first name!), usually they will give her a d-50 which most of the time has
Kerry up and moving in 5 minutes.  As for the ER, when she was in her
accident on thursday and was transported to the hospital, they had not even
noticed her pump.  When I arrived shortly after they had started treatment,
I DEMANDED to know if her pump had been suspended.  I even had to ask loudly
twice and received no answer so I barged in and suspended the pump myself.
I did receive some dirty looks so I explained that with her pump still on,
what they were doing would only have a minimal effect on raising her bs.
Sounds like some of the er people could a subscription to this group!!!

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>> Try coke and more coke and more coke until you hit about 150 (testing
every 10
>NOTHING is faster than oral glucose.
>quit flirting with trouble, keep glucose tabs around in large
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