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Re: [IP] The EX

> Janet,
> Who was your endo and CDE in Madison?  Were you with Dean?  I wish that I
> still had that CDE, I've never had such good care.  She knew more than
> anyone since, well my endo/CDE now is probably close.  I do miss the
> cameraderie level with Jean tho. Que sera.
> Lori
> email @ redacted

My endo was Melissa Meredith, at University Clinics. I htink she was mostly
a research fellow. But the CDE was Pat Pugsley, and she was part of
Dean. She was great. Basically, i got to see her because she was associated
with a perinatologist, and I said I wanted to get pregnant as an incentive
for them to approve the pump. My insurance was GHC, which is an HMO. And
not a very good one. I had hell trying to get them to approve the
pump. They stalled for 3 months, twice, saying that they needed to look
over the material and make a decision. Both times they refused me. Finally,
I contacted thge State commissioners's office and found out that an insulin
pump was a MANDATED benefit of mine since I was a state employee. (I was a
grad student paid by the University of Wisconsin.)  So I got the pump on
Jan 2, 1995. Byt stalling 3 months, the pump maxed out my copays for the
entire year 1995. :-)


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