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[IP] Re:Wasted insulin (was price of Humalog(ONLY GOOD FOR A MONTH?))

In a message dated 98-05-03 00:02:29 EDT, you write:

<< Are you saying we should throw away Humalog after a month if not finished
 it?  Do Humalog and Reg need to be refrigerated as much as NPH since they are
 clear?  I'm Wondering about the summer if they need to be kept in a cool pack
 left in the car for the day?

We only refrigerate unused bottles of insulin.  Once opened, we keep it at
room temperature and are careful to not leave it in a hot car or out in the
sun.  We can usually get about a month and a half of good use out of the
Humalog.  I found the NPH lasts longer, but replace it at the same time as the
H to avoid confusion.  We used to keep the insulin refrigerated because we
thought it would last longer, but found we only got about another week or two
out of it.  And the cold injections hurt Kayla, so we keep it room-temperature
now.  Some people can get a few months out of one bottle, but Kayla's numbers
start climbing after 1 1/2 months or so.  

I called Lily about how expensive the insulin is and how we are wasting 2/3rds
of it because Kayla just doesn't use that much insulin.  And they did a very
effective job of passing the blame on to the FDA for "only allowing 10mL
bottles".  It's an out-of-their-hands kind of thing.  (Me thinks not)  I'm
just curious to find out how many other people are paying for insulin that
they don't even use.  I don't know of any other drug that I buy that the
amount can't be matched to what is actually needed.
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