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[IP] forwarded message from Kelly Shaughnessy

hullo!  i am new to the group, and had a couple of questions on which
i'd love any insight, if you've got the time and inclination!  many
thanks in advance.

1. am thinking about a pump, and wondered if anyone had strong feelings
re: minimed vs. disetronics.  i understand that minimed (i) allows more
precision; (ii) is smaller; (iii) allows a square wave bolus, which
Mjerstrom explained allowed longer absorption period.  with diseronics,
main advantages i have heard is that (i) it's waterproof; and (ii) the
pumper receives a backup (how often have people experienced breakdowns?)

also, each can be programmed to give different basal rates but i am not
certain if one offers a bigger advantage; i guess it's personal,
depending on exercise, etc.  

2.  i am surprised that more people aren't pumping.  some reasons i have
(i) reimbursement issues (although i think in california this is not an
issue anymore) by insurance, hmos, etc.;
(ii) doctor issues, i.e., endos are more likely to prescribe pump, but
many people are being monitored by an internist or GP (although i see
from various postings that endos aren't always in favor of pumping)
(iii) the perception that pumping is only for people "really" out of
(iv) the perception that you are "tied" to the pump
(v) people don't like to change.

does anyone have any comment on this?

3.  last, i've heard from some people that some doctors don't like
pumps--> i have gleaned some of this through reading historic posts (but
i can't seem to access all of them).  if anyone has any comment on this,
that would also be interesting to me, since i've had a mixed experience.
seems like as i said above, some endos are much more positive on it, but
not all GPs.  obviously, it would cause so many fewer problems down the
road; hmm, this is perplexing.

thanks for any feedback, and thanks so much for the welcomes i have
received from the group; you have no idea how much this brightens my
day, to chat with people who have similar issues, and really get it,
quote unquote!  again, appreciation all around.

kelly shaughnessy
san francisco, ca
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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