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As Kasey, Janine and myself have mentioned earlier, we are all amazed
that there are not more pumpers out there. (in all parts of the world) I
also mentioned that I am going to talk to my endo on my visit next
month.She has 29 patients on the pump. My queries are:

 1/ Are most of these pumpers on the pump because of   preganancy and
wished to stay on because they liked it? (I know a lot of these pumpers
fall into this category)
2/ Are any of these patients long term Type 1's who began pumping for
better control and quality of life?

3/ Is it the cost or lack of knowledge that is preventing more people
with Diabetes to conider pump therapy?

4/ Why doesnt't my endo. seem to push it? Mind you, if you CHOOSE to
begin pump therapy she is with you all the way. I don't understand this
part.I wonder if she realizes how much better life REALLY is on the pump
for a person living with Diabetes. She is very understanding, so, I
can't believe she wouldn't realize how great the benefits are.

Well, after I chat with my Doctor, I will let everyone know her
response. On the other hand, my CDE is telling me to "Spread the word".
I told her "You don't have to worry about that".

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