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[IP] mary tyler moore

Did anyone else see last weeks EXAMINER with Mary Tyler Moore on the cover
looking like death warmed over?  Well, knowing she has diabetes, I picked it
up when i saw the headline, MTM BEING RAVAGED BY DEADLY DISEASE or something
like that.

The article was replete with errors - I cant remember exactly what it said but
it did call out 2 kinds of diabetes though it used names I hadn't heard of
before.  Then it went on to talk about her life threatening duel with diabetes
and how she was suffering from periodic bouts of blindness and struggling to
keep herself alive.  It had some horrible pictures of her, and it looked like
they had retouched her eyes to make them even more bleary and red than they
might have been following laser.

I was really angry about this.  I love Mary Tyler Moore, always have, and then
when i found out she had diabetes, I liked her even more!  The facts in the
story were wrong, it made it sound like she was dying from this DREADED
disease...Now I know this was a trash rag, sensationalizing for the $$$, but
why can't we find a celebrity like the paraplegics have?  We need a
Christopher Reeve to make having diabetes OK with the rest of the world!  We
need a role model on some famous tv show.  Hey, Phoebe on FRIENDS should have
developed diabetes during her pregnancy...or Claudia on PARTY OF FIVE would be
great - she is right at that popular age for TV watchers.  Give her her own
crisis to deal with now that Charlies cancer is in remission...sigh.  

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