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Re: [IP] re Kerry


I hope I am not overstepping here but if I did this my result would be about the same.
I grabbed a can of coke for her.  This helped to raise her bs.  She
then ate dinner (a bowl of homemade chili with crackers, chips, cheese,
bread, etc).
All that slow food -- chilli is a very weighty one, chips are pretty bad, cheese terrible, bread maybe an hour to four of slow weight, will undo the coke and keep her from absorbing it b/c her stomach is full and can't get the glucose.  Try coke and more coke and more coke until you hit about 150 (testing every 10 minutes and measuring the coke in 2 or 4 oz doses (depending on if she's moving down or up).  Don't eat fat, protein or complex carbs until the bs is safe!!  Then, a little of each with long term insulin planned to cover just less than what she is actually eating and spread out over time.  I know it sucks because Kerry may feel starving or not like eating at all but it will stabilize things a bit.

Sounds like you have good med care.  Watch out those for paramedics and ER.  I know they are sometimes necessary (I've spent a lot of time in ER) but they tend to wreck havoc with any kind of solution to the problem since their objective is not bs control, just raising the bs.  See the difference?  You want to cut the swings as much as you can.

Hope things get better soon!  Best of luck,


Brian Spitler wrote:

In responce to your first question about her bs, she was at 51 when we were
sitting down to eat dinner.  At that time I instruced Kerry to suspend her
pump and I grabbed a can of coke for her.  This helped to raise her bs.  She
then ate dinner (a bowl of homemade chili with crackers, chips, cheese,
bread, etc).  An hour later she rechecked her bs and it had risen to 53.
Half an hour later I noticed that she was symptomatic of hypo again.  At
this point her bs had dropped to 40.  Since this was the 5th hypo episode of
the day, I decided to take her to the er for treatment rather than giving
her another glucagon (she had a glucagon shot at approx 9:30am) for which
there may not have been any glycogen in her liver due to the numerous lows.

Kerry was on propulsid, but it was no longer having any effect on her and
she was on the 20mg 4 times per day.  The erythromycin is having some effect
on her gastro.  Kerry is being seen at the University of Nebraska Medical
Center and her dr is William Duckworth.  He is a very good endo and very
knowledgeable about the gastro.  Currently he has Kerry scheduled for lab
work in the Blood center with an oncologist.  She has a problem with a low
vitamin b-12 count.  They do not want her taking a supplement until they
actually run the tests to determine why her b-12 is low.  He also suspects
that there may be a problem with her t-cell levels.  This suspicion has been
determined from some abnormal lab results.

As of today, the endo is also thinking that Kerry may be starting to suffer
from some early stage of liver diseasebecause of all the lows she has had
(little to no glycogen storage).  They are going to be testing her for this
at the same time as the other tests on Thursday.  They also suspect that her
thyroid may still be producing some hormone dispite having 2/3rds of it
removed in 1988 and the iodine treatment in 1997.

It still is a challenge and the pump has had some benefits to her, but there
is still a long way to go.  I do hope that the med TEAM can help to correct
her problems.  Any little bit helps considering that her previous endo did
not want to deal with the problems.

A quick side note.  Kerry's CDE is also on a pump.  And just to prove that
control is even hard for trained professionals, her CDE had a hypo event
while working with a patient.  I am not trying to make fun of a serious
situation, but trying to make everyone aware they they do have problems too.

Hope this helps to explain Kerry's situation more.  If you have any
questions, do not hesitate to ask.  The only stupid question is the one not

Brian Spitler

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