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[IP] additional resources for exercising with pump-power!

I wish to welcome all recent members to this fantastic(!!) group!  :)  I
also wish to share an excellent resource for pumpers & others with diabetes
who are interested in athletic endeavors:  the International Diabetic
Athletes Association (IDAA).  They have a webpage at
Or reach them by email address <email @ redacted> or phone
(602)433-2113.  There are many chapters throughout the US as well as
internationally.  IDAA has members who are phenomenal athletes -
marathoners, bi-& triathletes, competitive & recreational runners, fitness
participants of all levels..... all with diabetes, and MANY, MANY with
pumps!  Lots of networking opportunities & many experts to learn from!!

	FYI, triathlete Randy..... IDAA provided support stations at the NY
marathon last Nov (& probably Boston last Monday too!) with printed
protocols & details in their winter newsletter.  IDAA athletes carried
tests kits & carbs in "fanny packs" (also available at the support stations
set up every 3 miles during the run).  If anyone is interested, I would be
happy to post those protocols to this list.  Or you can email me
directly....  Of note, based on many of the experiences contained in the
IDAA "Challenge" newsletter most pumpers maintain minimal temp basal rates
during endurance exercise.  Remember that with insulin deficiency, blood
sugars will rise..... not to mention that many of the metabolites of
intense exercise are converted to glucose; and catecholamines/hormones
increase blood sugars as well.  Despite the exercise, without appropriate
insulin to balance it all, blood sugars can RISE!  And on the other side of
the coin, we all know what happens when insulin levels are too high & BS
drops.  Of note, at the marathon support stations most DMers ingested
between 10-60grams of CHO's depending on blood sugars.

-Delaine Wright
Type 1 since '83; MM507 - Humalog (11/97)

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