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Re: [IP] re Kerry

> In responce to your first question about her bs, she was at 51 when we were

> this point her bs had dropped to 40.  Since this was the 5th hypo episode of
> the day, I decided to take her to the er for treatment rather than giving
> her another glucagon (she had a glucagon shot at approx 9:30am) for which

> from some early stage of liver diseasebecause of all the lows she has had
> (little to no glycogen storage).  They are going to be testing her for this

> It still is a challenge and the pump has had some benefits to her, but there

I might suggest that any conscious patient suffering hypo be treated with 
straight glucose (or glucose tabs). This brings immediated results and 
does not use up the body's glycogen stores. You can even treat someone 
who is not conscious without too much difficulty with glucose gel 
although I don't recommend it. I have been faced with both situations 
with my daughter and the results are very quick - 10 to 15 minutes 
maximum. Her endo confirms that the fastest way to get large amounts of 
carbo into the body's system is oral glucose. It is much faster even than 
an IV, which is all that the ER can provide - for that you have to wait 
- and of course get lower. 
To give an extreme example, little brother managed to pop the door of 
Lily's 506 once with his foot (piggy back ride) and gave her a 90 unit 
bolus. I did take  4 or 5 hours to straighten out, but she ate about 
half a large bottle (25 tabs) of glucose over that period of time and 
was fine. Her bg's hoovered around 80 most of the time (we were targeting 
for 150) and got down to 40 once. I am not making light of the situation, 
it was very serious. But quick intervention and the addition of the fuel 
the body needs (glucose) in each situation prevented problems from 
developing further. I hope this may be of some help to you.

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