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[IP] Lost Insulin Found!

NEWS FLASH !!  -- This just in !!
Supersleuth D.M.De Mink has discovered  several units of lost insulin while
watching Prime Time Plus - on the Bolus channel of the local Cable Vision
(aka as Tubing Vision in some areas.)  Lost insulin boluses reappeared
-somewhat magically - as  extra insulin drops came dripping from the end of
the Diesetronic Htron Plus tubing which reportedly takes 20 U of insulin to
prime. On more than one occasion pump users have reported that after only 15 U
the tubing appeared to be full as the remaing 5 Units dripped out in defiance
of all diabetic rules and regulations  (see your endo for a list) bringing a
timely end to the question "Where did that bolus go?"  There is some
speculation that there is a definite connection between disappearing boluses
and socks in the washer and dryer .  De Mink is seeking funding and support to
further investigations in this area.
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