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Re: [IP] Support Groups

   My daughter's PUMP support group was started by a local pump-wearing CDE
who saw a need & filled that niche.  He's a JDF board member, as is my
husband, so that automatically put him in touch with a lot of parents of
diabetics- several of whom have now put their kids on pumps.  The group meets
bi-monthly at my daughter's school, because 2 of the teachers there have also
become pumpers & they facilitated, I believe, the connection. There are always
about 30 in attendance, some of whom are prospective pumpers,just seeking
information. We're right outside of Phila ,so we can "draw" from a large
metropolitan area.  Obviously this approach wouldn't work in smaller
communities, but it completely avoids the "political" issues so rampant in
managed care/ doctors' relationships today....
     Short of a comparable scenario, I think this e-mail "forum" is a
worthwhile "substitute" for sharing & caring among pumpers....As is my "other"
advocacy involvement- the Breast Cancer board.  There too, I find immediate
answers to questions I might have ,from dozens of other women, who've
personally experienced what I have. Melissa's endo and my onc. are both
competent, caring physicians, but if I relate an unusual symptom, reaction
etc. to them,  they may never had heard of that from their second-hand
experience.  My "cyber-pals" invariably offer lots of first-hand,valuable
input - just as we find with this group.
    So - to those of you frustrated by NOT being able to find a local "support
group" that meets your needs, don't underestimate the value of
cybersupport....Besides which, I can sit here in my pajamas, with no make-up
(and no hair) & "connect" whenever the need arises, & be guaranteed a
    Consider what you've all accomplished in the past months: from helping
Lisa with her "ex", to highlighting thyroid conditions that were being
overlooked, to relating personal experiences with "insulin cocktails" in the
pump, to encouraging frustrated parents with recalcitrant ped endos to seek
another doctor, etc etc etc....The list goes on & on.....and so am I!!!....
   So ..........time to end my rambling!!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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