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Re: [IP] Support Groups

Although my support group (Type 1, tho 5 of us are pumpers) meets at one of
the hospitals, in a town of 115,000 you pretty much have to try to get
along.  The hospitals have many cooperative ventures, likewise the docs.
While competition is present, I think that members are just interested in
knowing who will be coming.   With only 8 or so endos in town, and not many
more nurse educators, many of us have developed opinions over the years
regarding how our care has been handled under each one.  I guess that there
are advantages and disadvantages to the choices we make.  Personally, I'm
glad to be out of the huge mega plexes of managed care.   While I have had
some very positive experiences (Dean in Wisconsin), some ok experiences (in
the Twin Cities) and NO bad experiences with managed care -- I do like to
have a "face" on medicine again.
Take care,
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Subject: Re: [IP] Support Groups

>i have been reading the posts about support groups and have a question.  i
>a member of a support group.  however, all the members are from one endo
>puts most of his patients on the pump.  the group meets at humana hospital.
>the problem is that the hospital won't let any doctor speak unless they are
>associated with their hospital.  this really stinks because i would be
>interested in getting some other endos to speak.  we could meet somewhere
>else, like a church, but i'm kind of hesitant about moving for fear the
>pumpers will not attend.  i plan to bring this up at our next meeting, but
>was just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of experience with the
>politics of medical care.  also, other endos won't send their pumpers to
>pump group for the same reason--politics or hospital rivalry or whatever
>want to call it.  ellen
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