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Re: [IP] Support Groups

i have been reading the posts about support groups and have a question.  i am
a member of a support group.  however, all the members are from one endo who
puts most of his patients on the pump.  the group meets at humana hospital.
the problem is that the hospital won't let any doctor speak unless they are
associated with their hospital.  this really stinks because i would be
interested in getting some other endos to speak.  we could meet somewhere
else, like a church, but i'm kind of hesitant about moving for fear the other
pumpers will not attend.  i plan to bring this up at our next meeting, but i
was just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of experience with the
politics of medical care.  also, other endos won't send their pumpers to this
pump group for the same reason--politics or hospital rivalry or whatever you
want to call it.  ellen
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