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[IP] Support Groups

In the upper Midwest (I've lived in South Dakota most of my life, but also
Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota and spent two years in Buddy's territory
{Texas}) I've found that support groups are normally associated with major
medical centers.  The one that I am associated with (support group and soon
to be employed by the same hospital too) is about to become a part of an
RTN.  That stands for
Rural Television Network.  It will be a sort of closed circuit TV so that
people can be in a smaller hospital out-state and join us in Sioux Falls.
When you have large rural areas this is a helpful avenue to take.
Interaction is then both audio and video.  Just in case there is someone
else out there in rural NW Iowa, SW Minnesota, or anywhere in South Dakota,
the Diabetes Center at McKennan may be reached at (605)322-8995.  I think
that the hospital has an 800 number that you can get from their web site if
you want to avoid the long distance call.
Take care,
dx '71, MM507 1/98, Humalog

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