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Re: [IP] The EX

Who was your endo and CDE in Madison?  Were you with Dean?  I wish that I
still had that CDE, I've never had such good care.  She knew more than
anyone since, well my endo/CDE now is probably close.  I do miss the
cameraderie level with Jean tho. Que sera.
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Date: May 01, 1998 04:56 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] The EX

>> From: Dan & Lisa Diener <email @ redacted>
>> Yes, everything is still a go for Monday.  I just HATE the idea of
>> facing the endo that betrayed us.  I'll just have to kill'em with
>> kindness and I plan to take him a lot of info and  letters from parents.
>> Lisa
>Lisa -- Do you have to go back to Spencer's old endo?  Are there any other
>endos in the area that you could see? It *really* helps to have a
>knowledgeable and supportive Dr or CDE around... When I went on the pump in
>January, 1995, I was my then-endo's first pump patient. I lived in Madison,
>WI, and there just weren't any pump-savvy endos there. Fortunately, there
>was one CDE who had been involved in the DCCT trial when she lived in
>Cleveland, and I had Pumping Insulin.
>But if you can find someone with real experience... even an adult
>endo... it would be worth it. Since most of the hard stuff is figuring out
>what insulin basals and boluses to use (learning to insert the catheters is
>easy), perhaps the CDE at Yale is your best bet?
>Congrats on beating your EX at the legal game.
>email @ redacted
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