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Re: Pumping in BC, Canada (was [IP] Pumping in the UK!)

Hi Janine
When my 7 yr. old son went on a pump last July(he was then 6) there were no
doctors around here(St. Catharines, Ont.) familiar with pumps for children so
we did it without a doctor. We had a nurse/pump trainer supplied by minimed.
She came to our house and got us started. We managed just fine without a
doctor. A couple months later we felt it would be nice to have some support
from a doctor that was familiar with pumps so we went to Sick Kids in Toronto
which I have been told has the largest diabetes clinic in Canada. We were
shocked to find out that there were no doctors with kids on pumps! So we
continue to manage just fine without a doctor. We still see his pediatrician
regularly but he knows nothing about pumps and doesn't show much interest in
learning. Everything we have learned so far comes from groups like this and
the wonderful support from Minimed. So I don't think it's just B.C. Ontario
seems to be lacking in good pump doctors too!
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