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Re: [IP] The EX

> From: Dan & Lisa Diener <email @ redacted>
> Yes, everything is still a go for Monday.  I just HATE the idea of
> facing the endo that betrayed us.  I'll just have to kill'em with
> kindness and I plan to take him a lot of info and  letters from parents.
> Lisa

Lisa -- Do you have to go back to Spencer's old endo?  Are there any other
endos in the area that you could see? It *really* helps to have a
knowledgeable and supportive Dr or CDE around... When I went on the pump in
January, 1995, I was my then-endo's first pump patient. I lived in Madison,
WI, and there just weren't any pump-savvy endos there. Fortunately, there
was one CDE who had been involved in the DCCT trial when she lived in
Cleveland, and I had Pumping Insulin.

But if you can find someone with real experience... even an adult
endo... it would be worth it. Since most of the hard stuff is figuring out
what insulin basals and boluses to use (learning to insert the catheters is
easy), perhaps the CDE at Yale is your best bet?

Congrats on beating your EX at the legal game.

email @ redacted

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