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Re: [IP] Pumping in the UK!

Barry Bruce wrote:
> John,
> Way to go! Your  help with writing that paper will help a lot of people. Are
> your stats. for Britain typical for Europe as far as the pump? Is there a
> large population of diabetics in UK? Just curios.

In Europe, and Britain, it's about the same as in the US: 2% have some
sort of diabetes. Of that 25% are insulin dependent, which means 1 in
200 are on insulin. That's a lot of people, and worryingly the figure's
rising all the time. And nobody really knows why. Lots of theories:
environmental polution, traces of funny man-made chemicals, overuse of
antibiotics causing the immune system to be underused. My favourite is
the "dirty house" theory: children growing up in dirty houses have less
chance of getting diabetes. That's why it's a modern world disease.

In Germany pumps are even more popular than in the US. I know a girl
with an implanted insulin pump. It was a 'standard' operation. It's
still 'experimental' in the US. She has a remote-control unit, and has
it refilled every 3 months.

In Britain the early pumps were very unpopular, and it never really took
off. I do know that diabetic complications are much rarer in Britain
than in the US. Because good free healthcare is guaranteed to all,
there's less money spent on fancy gadgets, and more spent checking that
everyone is getting the basics right. Perhaps there's a lesson there.


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