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[IP] Re: Can Basal Needs Change Radically or is it Premenstrual?


> Aaaaaaah life as a diabetic WOMAN! ;)  Yup!  I agree with Michael - the
>  FAQ on this topic is excellent! 

Thank you!!  As the author of the FAQ I am so pleased to know that someone
likes it!!  I've been following this thread with great interest.  I think the
FAQ may need an update to include a statement about not ALL basals needing to
be changed on the same day.  I think I am probably the only one on the list
who only runs one basal rate.  I keep thinking I must be doing something
wrong, but it works!  At any rate, it never occurred to me that different
times of the day would need changing sooner than others.  When I was preparing
to write the FAQ, I asked the women on the list to send me their experiences,
and nobody mentioned that they didn't change all their basals at the same
time.  Now, all at once, there are at least 3 or 4 of you who report that.
C'est la vie!

Oh, and when do you find out the results of the CDE exam???  I'm sure you are
going to be great!!

Mary Jean
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