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Dr. Possibility, was: RE: [IP] Ex Husbands


Ted Quick wrote:

I think it might be good to get a message to Dr. Arturo Rolla who owns the
World Diabetes list from Boston. I don't know if he treats children himself,
but he may know somebody. Unfortunately I don't have his e-mail address
at the moment, but WILL forward your message to Buzz Haughton, who suports
the list for him. I hope the Dr. isn't out of town right now!

You didn't hear this from me ;-), but here is the info which Ted Quick
referred to for contacting Arturo Rolla. This is Arturo's signature from an
archived message I have. As Ted inferred, he may be very difficult to get a
hold of, but this is a start. Best of luck ;-)

Arturo R. Rolla,MD   Boston,MA   Phone 617-277-2155   FAX 617-734-7227
email @ redacted              email @ redacted
email @ redacted              email @ redacted

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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