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[IP] Basal Rates

I have moved beyond menstration cycles (thank God) BUT just for the record my
basal rates still fluctuate radically.  I'm beginning to think it's seasonal-
something to do with the early light and the growth hormone that I understand
is triggered by it.  (When I hear 'hormone' my ears prick up kinda like my
cat's at the sound of the can opener.)  Hormones as messengers of the body are
undoubtedly more sophisticated than the technologies of cyber space- and who
knows what they talk about doing next when they hang out?  Until I got my pump
and started adjusting basal rates I had no clue how variable they were from
hour to hour, let alone what might influence them.  Stay tuned.  I'm sure
we'll get better at this.

And congrats to you Delaine.  And you too Lori. Love to get the good news.
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