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Re: [IP] Overtape for Dexcom

Thank you.  I will try it.  

 Ibm sorry itbs taken me so long to respond. Ibm not very good keeping up
with my email.


 > On Feb 10, 2020, at 3:12 PM, Laurel Sedgwick
<email @ redacted> wrote:
 > I am not usually hard on devices that attach to my skin, but the Dexcom
 > is an exception. I was sent the free overtape packet from Dexcom and promptly
> misplaced it (I know, my bad).  So I ordered some overtape patches called
> FLEX-D designed to be used with the dexcom sensor.  The FLEX-D patches look
> real well-made (donuts with the bholeb in the shape of the  sensor) but I
 > cannot figure out how to get them over the sensor correctly (and with a
> outcome), and there were NO instructions in the packaging.
> Does anyone have these sorts of patches?  If so, could you please clue me in
> as to how to use them (as in, step-by-step)?  Or let me know if you use some
 > other kind of overtape patches that have instructions, or have non-Dexcom
> and backing that has a simple, obvious way to apply it?
> I feel really stupid asking a question like this (which I figure I could
> probably have easily answered myself a scant 10 years ago), but I still need
> to know.  One of my pet peeves is products that are only accessible to young
> people in good health.  Ibm in pretty good health myself, but Ibm not
> young, and I canbt easily read teeny-tiny print, or raised print on a
> background that is the same exact color.  I frequently experience these sorts
> of problems when using the internet to research or shop.
> Thanks.  Looking forward to your response.
> Laurel
> (DXed 1974; pumping since 1998, currently using a Tandem T:slim X2 and Dexcom
> G6)
> .
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