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[IP] RE: selecting Tandem over Medtronic? questions for u Sharon

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From: Sharon K <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Your experience with t-slim or Medtronic

   - whenever there is an upgrade to this pump, I can get a prescription
(your doc? What insurance do you have)
   for it, and just download the new features from my computer. So I don't
   have to wait years for my warranty to be up to get the latest technology.
(right!!! Not on medicare then?)
<clip>   - the Basal IQ technology has been awesome. It silently turns off 30
   minutes ahead of an impending low, with no alarms or
   I turned the alarms off.)  As soon as my BG is steady again, it turns
   back on. It can go on and off all night, and keep my BG in normal range.

I dont have the X2 but the Tandem G4 and Dexcom CGM is NOT
integrated with Tandem G4 driving me nuts and waking me up
in the middle of the night
sounds like Tandem made some good improvements!

I did have some issues in the very first month, getting the Dexcom and pump
to work together correctly. (Long story, but ultimately, waiting 15 minutes
after removing the Dexcom transmitter every 10 days,(7 DAYS FOR ME)
and then inserting the
new one solved the problem.)

I hope this helps, and that you end up loving whatever you decide to pick.
Good luck!
Sharon K.
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