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[IPn] the thought is appreciated

Today 7 big boxes of supplies for Medtronic pumps arrived filled with 
sets, sensors, and reservoirs. These are much needed since the 
cupboards here have been pretty bare for the last 6 weeks and 
Medtronic supplies are badly needed. Unfortunately all of these 
supplies were expired by more than a year and they all went into the 
dumpster out back. IP can not send expired supplies to people no 
matter how bad they need them. It is an insurance nightmare to do so. 

We at IP really appreciate the thought as there are many less 
fortunate folks that need supplies, but expired supplies are un- 
usable. I would guess that the shipping cost for those 7 boxes was 
close to $100 bucks. If you have expired supplies, don't send them. 
Save the postage and make a donation instead.  

Speaking of which, there is still $386 dollars remaining on the 
MARYLAND challenge that you can use to double the value of your 


You can mail a contribution THAT WILL BE MATCHED by Maryland to:

	Insulin Pumpers
	558 Valley Way
	Milpitas, CA 95035

Thanks so much,

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