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Re: [IP] Insulin Prescription - what it needs & transfer Rx

 AND , REMEMBER to ADD in additional insulin for a) sick daysB  B b) primingB 
c) if you've got a pod, like me, additional insulin for when the pump/set
screws up and you have to use another!B I'm in a new state and just had to
inform the new, uneducated DR WHY I needed so much more !

    On Sunday, March 17, 2019, 5:13:59 PM PDT, Angela Price
<email @ redacted> wrote:

 Hi Alan
 Ibm assuming your are using an insulin pump. You do want to do the math &
figure out how much insulin you need per month so you donbt run out. Very
important. If you already know that skip to last paragraph. I think
dose per insulin pump is all you need but it has to be the insulin pump daily
total dose which I donbt think the pharmacy understands. A CVS tech shouted
mine out & said you use that much per day? Ahhhhh They donbt understand
is your basal & bolus dose + prime+ must include # of set changes
Just in case you havenbt figured it out:

 1)You should be able to find your total daily insulin dose on your pump.
is daily basal total plus bolus total. Look at 7 days & get an average #

Average daily total _____ X 10%
(for sick days or ?) = ________ daily total

 2) how many units do you usually use to prime your tubing? Add a few units
bubble elimination

Now add 1 & 2 above #s together to get set change total
Daily total + prime total = set change total

 3) how often do you change your pump sites? Every 2 or 3 days? Do you
frequently need to change early?
 So 30 days in a month divided by 2 or 3 = either 15 or 10 set changes per
Set change total times # of set changes =
Total units of insulin per month

Now you need to figure how many bottles of insulin you need per month
Really important to get right # of bottles
There is 1000 units in a vial of insulin
 1000 divided by total units of insulin per month = # of bottles of insulin

Pharmacies are horrible now.
Now you need to figure out
 Number of units used per day:
To figure that out:
Set change total from # 3 above divided by 30 days = units per day
Docs used to include the # of vials
but I think number of units per day is enough

 Hope I didnbt confuse you but you need to do the math so you get the right
amount of insulin per month
 Do it on a piece of paper & show your Doc your figures & there shouldnbt be
any problems. You then have to make sure the assistant or who ever enters
Humalog daily dose into the computer gets it right.

 Ok of course if you go for surgery or procedures where pump comes off or
breaks this is not your daily dose. Hopefully you are going to a good Endo &
will call her, give her your total daily dose from # 1, she will figure out
long acting insulin dose & meal dose. She might reduce it or have you do
temporary basal until long term kicks in & when to hook back up.
It used to be 50% basal & 50% bolus
 You Doc should give you doses you should always know your long acting
dose (Lantus or _____) Incase of pump breaking. Once you get does from above
write down on paper! Put in meter case!
 Sorry if you didnbt need any of above.
Take care

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 > On Mar 17, 2019, at 2:22 PM, Alan Segal
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> I am going to see a new doc tomorrow and need a new Rx for humalog.
> Usually I end up going to the pharmacy, and they need more info, such as
> total
> daily use even if the units varies each day.
> Does anyone have a template for what a complete prescription should
> This is not for medicare or medicaid.
> On a little different note, a neighbor told me they had a Novolog Rx
> transferred from Walmart to Sams Club, and the pharmacist told him Medicare
> will not pay
> for a transferred prescription that gets billed to Part B. I'm thinking
> that is ridiculous, and the pharmacy has no idea what they are doing - am I
> right or wrong?
> .
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