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RE: [IP] Tandem, Dexcom & Medicare

 I am on Medicare and I have to say, Dexcom has fantastic customer service!
Everyone is so nice and they all go out of their way to help in any way they
can. And when I call them, they always sound happy to hear from me! Maybe it's
because they are so glad to have so many new customers since Medicare approved
them. They have a nursing staff that will help if you need it; the first time I
inserted the sensor I had some trouble and just called. A nurse walked me
through the entire thing. Any time I've call tech support they are extremely
helpful and very friendly. I can't recommend them enough.

 I can't speak for Tandem (YET) but will talk to them today or tomorrow about
their T-slim. The IP group as a whole seems to like them, and y'all have never
steered me wrong yet!

So Ken, I say go for it!! 

 "One of the greatest experiences in life is making a difference in someone
else's life.b

  Both Tandem and Dexcom have excellent customer service. I am not on Medicare
so I don't know about that but according to what I've heard, Tandem and Dexcom
far out perform Medtronic

> Second, how receptive & accommodating is the Customer Service staff at 
 > Tandem & Dexcom when Medicare is the payer? Are they as onerous to deal with
as Medtronic?
> > 
> Ken
> .
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