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[IP] Re: Disgusted with Medtronic - specifically 670g

 Tom, if you're on Facebook I suggest you follow the Medtronic 670g support
group. It has 8000 members and there are tons of posts about how to avoid or
minimize all the things you're talking about - constant requests for blood
sugars (known as the loop), frequency of alarms, communication between the pump
and sensors, etc. Some have thrown in the towel in frustration and decided it
wasn't worth the hassle and just stick with manual mode, but many others have
had good results right off the bat in auto mode or have followed the tips on
overcoming those issues and are glad they stuck with it. Many say even more
frequent finger sticks and other annoyances are worth the awesome control,
absence of lows, huge jump in time in range, etc. that they get in auto mode.

 I just got my system and will be going on it in a few weeks so I'll see for
myself. For most people there is an adjustment and pumping as we know it is
totally upended so it requires some major relearning for auto mode to work
properly (no more basals, much more aggressive carb ratios, much lower active
insulin time, etc). So you might find it helpful to join the group and read the
tips and get advice from the members. Meanwhile, I've heard that most new pumps
now require more button pushes to bolus due to FDA safety requirements, so we
all might have to get used to that. Pam

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 > On Mar 7, 2018, at 9:09 AM, insulin-pumpers-digest
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> i am fortunate to have good private insurance. I have always been a loyal
> medtronic pumper, out of warranty support, product support, quality, etc.
> But since my switch to the 630, then the 670 trade in program, I have found
> so many issues with the pump. Medtronics fingers always pointed at the
> user. there couldn't have been  user input in the design and programs. it
> is so easy to miss a bolus when it takes 8-11 button pushes to get a bolus.
> the communication to the g sensor is life changing horribleness.
> inconsistent readings, constant updating for 3 hours, constant alarms not
> related to bs. constant sleep disruptions for calibrating. up at 12 pm or
> 2am or 4 am..... every night to calibrate is insane. when customer service
> asks if you bumped it while your sleeping is stoopid (spelt for effect). If
> there was a recently diagnosed dm1 with a recommendation to pump, i would
> never put the stress of this of "pumps" to them. Medtronic did something
> and its bad. Tom
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